Tamborine Mountain Distillers

Australian. Est. 1933. Over 300 International awards

Gapview is proud to be representing this great Australian distiller in Alice Springs. Based in Queensland between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We have a range of their products now in the bottleshop.

Eucalyptus Gum Leaf Vodka

Multiple distilled spirit with a strong native Australian Botanical infusion. Clear colour. Vibrant, medicinal aromas and flavours of eucalyptus oil and menthol mint with a silky, bone dry medium body and a long, penetrating aloe and pepper accented finish. Great purity of exotic herbal flavour that demands attention in cocktails.

This intense Aussie flavour is best mixed with the traditional accompaniments mostly incorporated in confectionary like the richness of honey or caramel and hints of citrus.

ABV 40%

Davidson Plum Gin

Made from the Davidsons Rainforest Plum, these little fruits are about the size of golf balls and grow directly on the trunk of the tree. The Davidsons Plum is a small attractive rainforest under-canopy tree and is quite rare in the wild.

This aromatic gin has a bright garnet colour and a rich aroma of raspberries, sour cherry, and beet balanced with strong citrus notes. Tangy, slight sweetness with a tart and dry finish.

Perfect Gin for spirit heavy cocktails like Aviation or Gimlet, though still works lovely as aperitif with tonic and softer citrus like orange or mandarin.

ABV 40%

Arak Raki

Although the discovery of distillation is still disputed, it is just possible that some form of Raki was the very first spirit! Arak is not really one drink, but a generic name for a group of clear distillates. A superb aniseed experience based on a multi-distilled smooth grape spirit. A fabulous pastis, creating beautiful “louche” when water is added.

Raki should be drunk in fairly abstemious measures. It is not generally served chilled and it is safer to sip it appreciatively rather than down it in one. Raki is commonly consumed alongside meze, a selection of hot and cold appetizers.

ABV 45%

Lilly Pilly Gin

Lilly Pillies are evergreen rainforest plants with glossy green leaves. The fruit matures from December to February, being a small pear shaped red berry.

Crystal clear with a pale pink blush. Sweet and perfumed – sort of in the Old Tom style. Pleasing scents of candied citrus peel combine with hints of anise, ginger, coriander, juniper and pine sap. The artisanal ‘pot still’ distillation method encapsulates each botanical and sensitive blending methods keep the integrity of the aromatics.

It can be served as an aperitif, with Tonic water or added to specific cocktails.

ABV 40%